Gym Reopening and Safety Protocols

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Gym Reopening and Safety Protocols

All of us at the Combat Sports Boston are truly grateful for your continued loyalty to our organization, and we are very excited to welcome you all back to our gym. In accordance with CDC and MA reopening guidance, we have put new measures in place to ensure the safest, healthiest environment possible for you and our staff. We understand that these protocols and restrictions are a hindrance to your gym going experience. We just ask that you think of the other members around you and our staff and remember that we are all in this together. Here's what to expect when you return to the gym:


Check-in Protocol:

  • Masks must be worn while in the facility. No one will be allowed to enter without a mask
  • Members will be asked to sanitize hands upon entry into the gym
  • Members will sign our Covid-19 pledge during their first visit back

Capacity Restrictions:

  • Non-member guests will not be allowed during this time
  • All locations are restricted to a 40% capacity



Amenity Restrictions:

  • Towel service will not be available
  • Locker rooms will be open for bathroom use. Lockers and showers will be closed. Please come to the gym ready to workout
  • Water fountains will be closed. We ask that you bring your own or purchase from our coolers.


Personal Training:

  • Available by appointment only
  • Proper social distancing will be followed


Group Fitness Classes

  • We will not be holding group classes at this time
  • We will be adding them back in when we can determine the safest way to hold them while following the state's guidelines


Equipment Restrictions

  • A minimum of 6ft distance must be maintained between members at all times
  • Barriers will be installed between cardio equipment 
  • We ask that members refrain from any circuit style training during this time. 1 piece of equipment per person at any given time
  • Because of capacity restrictions we also ask that workouts be limited to 60 minutes per person


Safety Protocols:

  • First and foremost: If you are feeling sick and or you're experiencing any symptoms related to Covid-19, please stay home
  • Sanitizer station will be set up at front desk for members to use first thing upon entering the facility 
  • Plastic shields will be set up at check-in point to protect staff and members
  • Masks must be worn at all times by everyone in our facilities
  • Please observe social distancing at all times when inside the gym: members should maintain at least 6 feet of distance between each other even when not using equipment
  • Plastic barriers will be installed between equipment in order to meet the state guidelines of social distancing

Cleaning and Sanitation Protocols:

  • Staff in each gym will be re-focused from normal duties and dedicated to "zone" cleanings in all areas of the gym, including high touch areas, door handles etc...
  • Daily cleaning protocols to be conducted before and after high traffic times with medical grade cleaning materials
  • Disinfectant "fogging" of each location will take place
  • Members are encouraged to sanitize hands prior to checking-in
  • Members are required to clean equipment before and after use.
  • Members are encouraged to wash hands frequently while in the gym and avoid touching their face with unwashed hands. 

Adjusted Hours of Operation:

Monday: 6am-9pm

Tuesday: 6am-9pm

Wednesday: 6am-9pm

Thursday: 6am-9pm

Friday: 6am-8pm

Saturday: 8am-4pm

Sunday: 8am-4pm


Thank you for adhering to these safety measures in all of our BHAC locations. We have appreciated your support throughout this time and are excited to welcome you back to the gym!

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