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Boston Boxing Gym

Do I have full access to the rest of the Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs with my membership?

Absolutely, you can use all our eight locations around the Boston area. Our Wellesley location will be an extra $10/month.

I’m a woman; will I feel out of place?

Not at all. Actually, this type of workout is becoming increasingly popular amongst women and we have a full complement of classes including spinning, pilates and yoga.

What equipment/clothing do I need?

For the trial session all you will need is comfortable clothing. We will provide the equipment. Once you get started, we have all the equipment you will need for purchase.

Am I going to be contracted into a “yearly” contract?

We understand that this is one of the frustrations with joining a gym and we have made affordable plans for one-year, six-month and a month-to-month options. If you choose the one-year or six-month plans, there are benefits to this, however you make the choice. You will never feel any sales pressure while you are here.

What if I’m a complete beginner? Is this training facility for me?

All levels are welcome here. Many of our members are new to this workout and we have programming set up for beginners so they can master the different techniques involved. Experienced trainers are on hand to answer questions and assist you through all of your workouts.

Do you have a guest pass or free trial so I can see if this will be a good fit for me?

Yes, we have a free trial workout available. You will have the opportunity to work individually or in a small group with one of our experienced trainers to get an idea of all we have to offer. Please call 617.720.2422 to schedule a time.


What if I just want to take classes but don't want a full monthly membership?

There will be pass cards available for a discounted rate if you buy 10 or more at a time.  Call 617.720.2422 for more info.

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